Regional Development

In 2008, Maurice founded a pioneering Regional Values & Economy Survey and Movement in association with the International Barrett Values Centre and the UK North West Regional Development Agency (NWDA).

The pioneering values survey was conducted in early 2009, and findings were incorporated into the NWDA’s emerging Economic Strategy Policy. The overall North West Initiative had potential to make an Economic & Social difference in the region across every subsection of the economy and the community.

Parents & Teachers meetingParents & Teachers meeting presentationISHA Inner Engineering book poster

The initiative attracted interest from a cross section of private, public and third sector organisations including Pro-Manchester Business & Economy Organisation.

Dr Monica Sharma, a former long serving Director of the UN and winner of the 2009 Spirit of the UN award, played a key advocacy role for Maurice in this project.

To build on the inspirational ideas, directions, advice and support already prevalent in the region, Dr Sharma planned a one-day masterclass for September 2010.

The key elements designed were:

  • Working with results-generating individuals, boards and governments in the context of current global complexity
  • Practically shaping and generating results