Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Maurice supports and empowers successful business leaders and entrepreneurs by a unique format of effective personal and business coaching and mentoring combined with experienced non-executive inputs. CONSULTANT ++


This High Performance Coaching & Development role is an extremely powerful way to meet the many and rapidly changing global business challenges, both for people looking to ‘make it’ for the first time and those who have already ‘made it’.

A combination of traditional one-to-one coaching and business mentoring alongside Maurice’s significant Director, Entrepreneur & Operational international business experience ensures success.

Exceptional Client appointments are made by a process of mutual hand-picking to provide a natural and highly effective basis for successful outcomes as measured by each individual client.

A journey made with Maurice changes thought processes and transforms outlooks – it is not for the faint of heart.

Maurice’s dedication enables people to become everything they can be, realising their full potential and achieving the furthest reaches of their abilities through a business context.

Maurice has successfully run and built profitable growth results, across international blue chip corporations and smaller private organisations.

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His wide ranging experience grooms high growth potential companies to increase their sustainable profits and market share.

He is highly specific in working with client needs and guiding chosen outcomes.

Both clients and businesses exceed world change by improved insight and vision.