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A member of the Association for Coaching and one of a select small team of National IoD coaches and mentors, Maurice Summerson is exceptional in his professional experience, credentials and reputation.

Through positions as CEO, Director and other Executive & Entrepreneur roles, and with a broad understanding of global business issues, environments and cultures, Maurice has evolved an enthusiastic, adaptive and non industry-specific style of coaching. His own ‘ signature presence ‘.

High Performance Coaching = CONSULTING +

Entrepreneur Mentoring is the bedrock of TiE ( The Indus Entrepreneurs) Global Entrepreneur organisation tie.org. As Board Member Director Maurice specialised in mentoring entrepreneurs.

His depth of international experience spans HR, manufacturing, finance, marketing, brands, research and development and sales in sectors including automotive supply chains, leisure, FMCG, food, construction and retail.

Maurice works in direct trusting partnership with mutually selected clients. His style is friendly but objective, informal but confidential with high levels of commitment.

He is specific in meeting needs through guiding clear, client-led objectives and outcomes.

ISHA Insight

The outcome for clients is the achievement of a seismic shift in performance, through developing self-awareness, increased personal mastery and emerging sense of purpose. For individuals and teams. For Personal & Business Profits.

  • High Performance Coaching facilitates the individual to think, act, communicate and examine thought processes, make adjustments and determine strategies to successfully achieve greater things. By accessing more resourceful states of mind and body, motivated people create, harness and direct greater corporate and personal life performance achievements – self actualisation, personal mastery, fulfilment and a greater sense of purpose.

Maurice believes in working together to tackle and overcome both personal and corporate risks, with the courage to match the adventure of emerging global challenges and complexity.

He brings a broad understanding of global business issues, environments and cultures to his work, matching the growing pace of world change which individuals can exceed by insight and vision – without forgetting the crucial importance of humour and fun!


What is the difference between business mentoring and executive coaching?

A way of differentiating is to say that while coaching is the art of facilitating the development and performance of another, mentoring involves using the experience of one to enable the performance of another.

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Who mentors the mentor?

In line with long established IoD and professional best practice, Maurice has a Coach and Mentor Supervisor of exceptional professional experience, credentials, international reputation and standing. He also belonged to the select small team of national IoD coaches and mentors, who work closely together on professional development, and was a development member of the Association for Coaching.